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  PLANTAGE Electronic Whiteboard (Copy Board) for Plain Paper Copy

PLANTAGE: Electronic Whiteboard (Copy Board) for Plain Paper Copy

Plantage, Electronic Whiteboard for plain paper copy, which performs 3 roles of[Writing],[Recording]and[Projection]with one set.It has become more convenientfor use by being equipped with Standard Color Printer. You can choose yourproduct among the multi whiteboard line up from the simple type of writing andrecording only to the one with screen and wide type etc.


Multi Function

4Colors Printer(Common to all models)
The contents which are written on the whiteboard with black, blue, red and green markers can be printed in 4 colors as they are. The monochrome copy is also available as before.

Function for Screen

One page of Projection Screen for projector is equipped among the whiteboard pages.It effectively supports the presentation with clear pictures by lowering reflection of a light source.

【Whiteboard Surface】
【Screen Surface】

If projected on the whiteboard surface, it becomes very hard to see because of the reflection of a light source.

Screen surface effectively supports the presentation with clear pictures by lowering the reflection of a light source.

Endless white sheet is used for Plantage. Thus you can write continuous something on all 4 pages or 2pages.

Built-in Screen: One page of white sheet is arranged for Projection Screen Use.

Wide Type

1,800mm width which is the same size as whiteboard in generally wide use.One page of written objects is printed into A4 size plain paper by reduced scale.

PlainPaper Available(Common to an models)
Quiet and fast Ink Jet Printer is adopted. A4 size plain paper is available.Compared with thermal paper, it can be well preserved without deterioration and you can write additional notes on the paper.

Designation of Number of Copies and Copy Density(Common to all models)
You can print maximum g copies at one time。 Copy Density can be set to either of 2 grades, Standard(Economy Mode) and Dense (High Quality Mode).

Quiet and Light Weight Design
Very quiet with: When white sheet running= 55db, When copying= 60db.With light weight design considering the movement of Plantage, you can move from a conference room to another smoothly. (Available for T shape stands with castors.)

Operation Panel
Copying, forwarding the whiteboard sheet and designation of number of copies can be easily operated with one button. Larger and easy-to-see indication gains popularity.

Carrier Sheet(Option)
Besides written objects on the sheet surface, drawings and tables can be copied as they are by holding them with carrier sheet.Tables or Drawings which are used frequently can be printed on the carrier sheet. Thus the conference will becomemore efficient.

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LAN/ USB Memory Correspondent Type(5 Series)

Recording in personal computer or USB memory, then taking them out in case of need. New era for electronic whiteboard has come in which the information has mobile power!


Connection to LAN
Written contents can be recorded in personal computer by connecting it with whiteboard Plantage using LAN cable.
・By connecting with LAN in the firm, the information can be held in common.
・By using the printer connected to personal computer, you can output the copy at any time.
・Recorded information can be compiled(* l) and delivered by e-mail.
・The information can be controlled by centralization and can be taken out whenever necessary.
・It can contribute to paperless work.

Remarks:USB memory is not included as an accessory.Be careful that it sometimes cannot be inserted in a socket because of the shape difference of the memory.

USB Memory
Written contents can be recorded by inserting USB memory on hand into Plantage.
・Carrying the information, you can see it on personal computer whenever necessary.
・You can hand the preserved contents to the person who needs them by using USB memory.
・You can output at any time by using printer connected to personal computer.
・Besides conference, you can utilize it for writing the memo of your new idea.
・Recorded information can be compiled(* l) and delivered by e-mail.
・It can contribute to the paperless work.

Model without Printer is available by special order.
Please consult with us so that high performance may be consistent with low cost.
※1 Recorded information shall be of PNG data. For compilation, application software such as adobe illustrator etc. is necessary. 

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