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 MetalLine Communication Board System

Stylish Whiteboard Series harmonizing the office space with good sense.From just only a memo writing to brain storming which stimulates free idea, it supports more smooth communication by size variation and accessories in accordance with on scene varieties.


Distinctive Features

Pursuit of Thin Board
Board unit is made as thin as possible (Approx. 10mm) and simple high grade design will match refined interior.
The frame is made as slim as possible and finished to be beautiful in a casual manner.  When putting them side by side in plural boards, you can get flat impression without feeling of frame obstacles.
Open & Close method Pen Tray.
Pen tray can be freely put on and take off by magnet and it is capable of folding up when not in use. Markers and Erasers can be housed neatly.
Original Printing
Letters and lines can be printed with original format. Please utilize it for schedule or liaison in the firm etc.
Pen tray is capable of folding up when not in use. Board is approx. 10mm thick.
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How to Utilize

Module Design
Module design by which you can make free layout in accordance with space or usage.You can use MetalLine in one unit or in plural extended to full space of the wall by lining them up.

This is the stand with castors which is the most suitable for small scale meeting or presentation.
How to install.
Besides accessory fitting metals, ]Metalline can be installed by magnets which are sold separately. For other walls except steel, MetalLine can be installed on magnets which are fixed to the wall by screws.

<Hanging Metals>
For concrete wall or cloth partition etc.

For steel partition or locker stack etc. Fix Magnet on the wall by screws, Rear of the board.

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